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Jacobs Counseling Services, LLC

Support. Empowerment. Judgment-Free Care.

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What JCS Is About

If you decide Jacobs Counseling Services, LLC, is the right fit to help meet your mental, emotional and interpersonal goals and needs, you can expect an environment of unconditional positive regard, compassion and encouragement. I will work with you to establish identified goals and stylize my treatment approach individualized to your needs and what works best to help you grow and progress. The goal of our work is to help you reach a place of autonomy and belief in your esteem, worth and ability to function meaningfully in all settings of daily life to the ends you seek. If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to schedule a free phone consultation so I may be able to answer any questions you have regarding what you can expect as a potential client with JCS. I hope to speak with you soon! Be well. -Jared

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Direct Line: 720-772-6566

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